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jamiUsually these bios are written in 3rd person, but that’s weird since I’m the one writing it. So here it is from me, Dr. Jami Rasmussen.

My journey in chiropractic began before I knew that’s what I wanted to do. It started being raised in a typical family with a typical health paradigm. I knew I wanted to be a doctor at an early age and graduated pre-med from the University of MN. Through what I can only attribute to divinity I was called to be a chiropractor. Not knowing anything about it, my wife and I took a leap of faith and signed up for 4 more years of school. After I graduated I opened Health Path Chiropractic and also began teaching Anatomy & Physiology and Human Biology at Rasmussen College.

As my understanding of human physiology and the origins of true health grew my real journey in chiropractic began. It was both heart breaking and inspiring at the same time. I’ll get to that in a second.

At its core chiropractic is a proactive model of healthcare whereas our current model of health care in the US is reactive. A simple google search will tell you how unhealthy this approach has made many of us. When a chiropractor focuses on optimizing your nervous system so your body can adapt to stress at a higher level, health is the result. When my approach changed from a reactive model (it hurts here, push here) to this proactive model, miracles starting happening in my practice. That’s the inspiring part.

The heart breaking part has to do with my dad and how his health was destroyed by the reactive model. He thought he was healthy because he felt fine. He had a neck condition develop that eventually led to being treated with highly addictive prescription medications. In a period of just 5 years he lost his business, went to rehab twice, and is now on permanent medical disability. The saddest part of this story is he saw a chiropractor first and that chiropractor missed an opportunity to save a life.

To every kid, mom, and dad that walks through my door I promise to do everything possible to get them as healthy as possible so my dad’s story never happens again.

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