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  • Fin"Colin was having difficulty learning and retaining information. He was sent to the principal’s office on the 1st day of school. His patience level was really low and during group time, he would have to sit on the floor next to the teacher and would play with her shoes the whole time. At home he would get frustrated easily and have a lot of melt downs.

    We took Colin to the Medical Doctor and they said we could try medication, diet changes, vitamins, routine changes at home, and or more sleep. We decided to try Chiropractic care first so we came to see Dr. Jami.

    After seeing Dr. Jami for a few months now, Colin knows almost all upper and lowercase letters and sounds. He can interact with friends appropriately and he can manage himself in class without having an adult right next to him. His teacher even said his focus is much better and he no longer runs sideways.


    Emily"I was suffering from constant headaches for quite a few years before I came to see Dr. Jami. Then a few months ago I got a concussion which made my headaches much worse including severe neck pain.

    I had to go home early from school, stop sports, and couldn't work. I was taking ibuprofen daily; saw a physical therapist and a neurologist and nothing helped. One of my friends comes to Health Path ChiropracFc and they recommended I go see Dr. Jami.

    AHer just two months of care I am headache and neck pain free. I have been able to go back to work and for the first Fme in a long Fme I feel like I can live my life without constantly being in pain."

    Emmalee"Five years ago I was in so much pain, I could barely walk. I had a toddler and a newborn that needed me and I thought I might never be able to pick them up again. I had seen chiropractors in the past but I never thought I should see one in a regular basis. I thought my back pain should be able to be fixed in no more than 2 visits. When I came to see Dr. Jami, I was resistant to the idea that my back pain needed a 9 month treatment plan, much less a maintenance plan afterward. The decision to commit to the treatment plan was life changing. Not only was I able to pick up my kids and play with them, I was able to run again and be active. When I found out last year that I was pregnant, I knew right away that Dr. Jami would play a big role in my prenatal care. The idea of carrying another pregnancy was totally out of the question five years ago. I saw Dr. Jami about 3 times a month throughout my pregnancy and it was comforting to know that my back was in good alignment going into labor.

    After my baby boy was born, my husband and I decided to have him evaluated by Dr. Jami. He was a little jaundice when he came home so feeding him frequently was very important. He was sleepy from the jaundiced and did not have a strong latch. After being evaluated by Dr. Jami he found that his neck was out of alignment. After his first adjustment I noticed an improvement in his latch. He is now almost 6 months old and is a very happy, healthy baby, or easiest baby of all three! I am so glad we decided to be proactive with David’s health!"
    - Michelle

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  • "Fin had many reoccurring episodes of Croup and Asthma causing him to be on many medications (including antibiotics and high-dose steroids). “We spent several nights away from our other children while in the hospital with Fin…We used more than our yearly allotted sick days, resulting in loss of pay and were extremely stressed out as parents not knowing when the next ‘episode’ would occur.”

    Fin was not sleeping through the night and always exhausted, he had regular check-ups with a pulmonologist, multiple swallow studies and a bronchoscopy. Nothing seemed to be working, until he met Dr. Jami.

    Now after just one month of care with Dr. Jami, Fin is completely off all medications and has not had an ‘episode’ since. He is sleeping through the night, there have been no more trips to the ER or pulmonologist; and just recently Fin experienced his first fever without any respiratory issues. Fin is now a happy, energetic 3 year-old and looks forward to his “tire-tractor” visits with Dr. Jami.


    "When I first met Dr. Jami, I did not realize how miserable I truly was. I suffered from 2-3 headaches a week, terrible self-esteem, constant exhaustion, and respiratory issues due to Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. These were not a great combo with young children, which in turn made me feel like a terrible mom. It was hard to want to do anything with a headache, and difficult to walk up and down stairs or take a short walk without feeling as though I couldn’t breathe. I was starting to feel more and more depressed from all the physical issues which made working, being a mom and a wife a daily struggle. I assumed this was just how life was going to be…

    After two months of care with Dr. Jami I have noticed drastic improvements in all aspects of my life! I have a much more positive outlook on life, more energy to keep up with my boys and they are much happier to have an active mom. I have only had 2 headaches since starting care, and I just ran my first 5k and I could actually breathe! On top of all that I have lost 40b’s!

    I have achieved goals with my physical, mental and emotional health in the last 2 months that I did not know were even possible! For the first time in my life I feel like I can do anything and that is an AWESOME feeling!"
    -Emily B

    "I had headaches/migraines at least once a day. They were HORRIBLE! It disrupted cheerleading and other sports events. I had to suffer through school, which I love, with a headache or miss school. My parents have had to pick me up early from sleep-overs due to my constant headaches. I tried Tylenol, some other medicines, and went to a neurologist before coming to see Dr. Jami.

    Since I have started care at Health Path I HAVE NO HEAD ACHES!! :) :) :) :) :) It makes life so much easier for me (and my parents!) I have less anxiety, not having to plan for my next head ache. I have joined several after school programs, the tennis team and plan to play volleyball this year. I am so much happier!” -Emmalee

    “She is back to the happy and healthy girl we love so much. I can’t thank you enough for bringing Emmalee back to us. We are so blessed to have found Health Path. Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts."
    -Mom & Dad

    "Jake had sever reflux-always spitting up on himself or on us! At around 4 months he became restless. Always fitting sleep and never looking or feeling comfortable. We never laid Jake on the floor because he would scream. Developmentally we felt he was behind - never rolling over, didn't enjoy tummy time. We would carry Jake around while chasing our 2 year old & didn't do much else besides bounce a baby. We talked with our MD about meds, elevated Jakes crib, put him tummy down to sleep or held him through the night, tried essential oils with no success. I would say as his mom after his 2nd adjustment, I put him in his carseat & he didn't scream in pain. During the rid home he fell asleep and took a 2 hour nap and woke up happy! After just a month of adjustments he rarely spits up, sleeps 8-10 hours a night, takes 3 hour naps & can sit up and really play like a 6 month old should!"

    "My oldest daughter Cali is 10 years old and has had bedwetting problems most of her life. She was wetting the bed 4-5 nights a week. The bedwetting makes it difficult for sleepovers and her confidence. We tried pediatric doctors, specialty doctors, limiting fluids after a certain time, alarm clocks, and wake up calls with no success. Since starting care at Health Path Chiropractic she is waking up on her own and going to the bathroom. This is the first time in years she has gone weeks without an overnight accident!"

    "Before coming to Dr. Jami, Brayden was suffering from digestive, reflux, and sleeping issues. He was going to the nurse’s office more than 2 times per week and was getting up 2-3 times a night. After many doctors visits he was diagnosed with acid reflux, prescribed Omeprazole and referred to Children’s Feeding Clinic. Since starting care at Health Path Chiropractic he is sleeping through the night and has not been to the nurse’s office!"

    "Before coming to Dr. Jami I had daily migraines that made it hard to concentrate on homework & lesson planning for my kids. I always wanted to nap & lay down and was constantly crabby and not able to go out. I took a so much ibuprofen and it didn’t work. Since starting care 3 weeks ago I have had ONLY 2 migraines, that only lasted 30 minutes. Now I am able to concentrate 100% on school work and my classroom."

    "Before coming to Dr. Jami Monica had a hard time focusing very long, even on things she enjoyed or wanted to learn. We tried to have a healthier, more balanced diet. We worked out a structured routine with sleeping and meals and other activities but she still had difficulty focusing. Since coming to Dr. Jami Monica’s concentration is much better. Monica learned to play UNO. She played all night (winning 3 games) something she had only been able to focus on for about a minute before care. She is also able to do 40-50 flash cards! (before she would only be able to do 5)."

    "Before coming to Dr. Jami my back always hurt. I struggled playing basketball, lifting, and even playing with my kids. I mostly just ignored it or took handfuls of Ibuprofen. A friend of mine told me to go see a Chiropractor and after a little research I found Health Path Chiropractic. Since then I no longer deal with the pain. I’ve noticed more energy. Playing basket- ball is now enjoyable. I’ve set significant personal records at Crossfit week after week."

    "Dominic starting spitting up around 3 months old. It would sometimes be up to 40 times a day. He was also constipated, pooping every 4-5 days. It was hard to take him places because of the spit ups, we were going through close to 10 outfits and 20 bibs a day. We went to his MD who couldn’t help and tried prune juice which didn’t help. Since seeing Dr. Jami he is spitting up maybe 3 times a day. He has more regular bowel movements. And It’s much easier to bring him places and people aren't afraid to hold him because of his spit ups."

    "Piper did not like taking her ADHD medication and wanted to try to get off of it. Piper used to have difficulty staying on task, was easily distracted, and struggled with reading. Since coming off the drugs and starting chiropractic care her grades have improved and both her 5th grade teacher and her reading specialist agree Piper is improving!"

    "Before visiting Dr. Jami I was feeling pretty bad. I had aches and pains. My back hurt and I was always tired. It was so bad that I didn't feel like doing much. It took too much effort. I tried the medical doctor route with no results. Since seeing Dr. Jami I have been feeling great with much more energy, and I found out my chronic kidney condition has improved. I really wish I had been better informed about the benefits of regular adjustments years ago!"

    "After practicing dentistry for almost 30 years with soreness in my upper back & shoulders I decided to see Dr. Jami Rassmussen for Chiropractic care. I found his treatment to be very thorough & well explained prior to beginning treatment. The most amazing thing is that after a busy day at work, I realize that the pain that had been there for so long is no longer a problem. I highly recommend his office to anyone thinking about Chiropractic care."
    -Dr. Annie T.

    "A week ago I was in severe pain, 10 out of 10 pain, and after 3 visits with Dr. Jami, today I can honestly say I have no pain and I am ready to tackle the world!"
    -Janet S.

    "I haven’t been getting headaches ever since I have been coming to see Dr. Jami."
    -Nick K.

    "I came to Health Path Chiropractic with a sore foot with shooting pain. I was not able to work out on the treadmill. I was unable to run. I had trouble performing my job. I didn’t want to go anywhere unless it was absolutely necessary. I visited a medical doctor who could not diagnose my foot problem. He in turn referred me to an orthopedic doctor who could not find a problem. He prescribed inserts for my shoes that did nothing. After my first visit with Dr. Jami, the shooting pains have gone away completely."
    -Lynette Y.

    "I came to Health Path Chiropractic because I had a lot of headaches, my back was always sore, and I couldn’t sleep through the night. I’d have to get up and stretch and move around and go back to bed. After seeing Dr. Jami for two months, I no longer have headaches. They stopped after the second week. I can sleep through the night – easily – and no more sore back. It’s a fantastic program – they have taken such good care of me – it’s almost like you’re going to see friends when you’re coming in for your treatments. Fantastic place! I feel a million times better than I ever have!"
    -Suzie D.

    "I was experiencing some lower back, hip, and neck pain that stemmed from an injury when I was in a 3-wheeler accident as a 13-year-old. Now, as an adult, I was having these side-effects from that injury. I came to see Dr. Jami at Health Path, and over the course of two months, he was able to improve all of the issues I had with my hip, my lower back and my neck. The pains have gone away and he’s given me some tools to continue to improve upon it – so it’s not a problem for me down the road. I really appreciate Health Path and Dr. Jami!"
    -Jason R.

    "I came to Health Path Chiropractic because of some neck pain I was having and some lower back pain. Since having treatments at Health Path, my neck feels great, I haven’t had a headache in many weeks and my lower back feels great too. The treatments have been wonderful, I appreciate that they give me exercises to do at home so I can participate actively in my own treatment - it’s great, I plan to bring my family members here too!"
    - Kris

    "When I first came I was nervous because I had heard things about chiropractors - that they were really rough - but that is not the case with Dr. Jami he was really friendly, I felt at ease right away. Dr. Jami’s very good at being patient and making sure that you’re comfortable before he does any of his adjustments on you. When I first came here I would not be able to get up in the morning and walk around like a normal person. I was half-crouched just to make it to my chair. I was in a lot of pain and my back was always hurting. To work an 8-hour day - running on my feet all day was extremely hard. I’d be totally exhausted by the time I came home from work – so I’d pretty much just work, and then go home and rest. I no longer could go for walks and ride my bike, and do all the fun activities I used to do. Shopping turned into a horrible chore because I was always in pain. Now after 5 weeks at Health Path Chiropractic, I go home from work after an 8-hour shift and I’m ready to do almost anything. In fact, I’m looking forward to buying myself a bicycle and getting back on the road. I can get up right out of bed in the morning, I can sit for long periods of time, my neck no longer hurts - I don’t have any of that pain anymore. I’m just glad that I came – Dr. Jami has done a really wonderful job with me."
    -Judy L.

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