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ADD / ADHD/ Focus

Piper did not like taking her ADHD medication and wanted to try and get off of it. Piper used to have difficulty staying on task, was easily distracted, and struggled with reading.

Since coming off the drugs and starting care at Health Path Chiropractic her grades have improved. And both her 5th grade teacher and her reading specialist agree Piper is improving!

Joni M.

Before coming to Dr. Jami Monica had a hard time focusing very long, even on things she enjoyed or wanted to learn. We tried to have a healthier, more balanced diet. We worked out a structured routine with sleeping and meals and other activities but she still had difficulty focusing. Since coming to Dr. Jami Monica’s concentration is much better. Monica learned to play UNO. She played all night (winning 3 games) something she had only been able to focus on for about a minute before care. She is also able to do 40-50 flash cards! (before she would only be able to do 5).

Candice L.

Colin was having difficulty learning and retaining information. He was sent to the principal’s office on the 1st day of school. His patience level was really low and during group time, he would have to sit on the floor next to the teacher and would play with her shoes the whole time. At home he would get frustrated easily and have a lot of melt downs.

We took Colin to the Medical Doctor and they said we could try medication, diet changes, vitamins, routine changes at home, and or more sleep. We decided to try Chiropractic care first so we came to see Dr. Jami.

After seeing Dr. Jami for a few months now, Colin knows almost all upper and lowercase letters and sounds. He can interact with friends appropriately and he can manage himself in class without having an adult right next to him. His teacher even said his focus is much better and he no longer runs sideways.

Judie P.

At school Eleni was slow at getting things done, seemed to get distracted easily and had trouble doing multi-step tasks. At home, she would get easily overwhelmed and had a hard 8me calming herself down. Bed time was by far our biggest hurdle. Every night she would cry because her head hurt, she refused to brush her teeth or change into her pajamas, and it would end with her throwing tantrums like a toddler.

Since starting care with Dr. Jami, Eleni’s headaches disappeared after 1-2 weeks of care and over the last three months her improvements have been huge! Eleni is able to stay on track longer, improvements with her memory, balance, focus, and she can control her emotions better. She doesn’t get overwhelmed as easily and her Occupational Therapists have noticed significant improvements in therapy since she has started getting adjusted regularly.



I will admit, I  fought the idea that chiropractic care could help me the way I needed. That was before I saw Dr. Jami.  When I first started seeing the Good Doctor I was averaging about 3 – 4 hours a night of restless sleep.  Add to that worsening asthma problems. My body had never felt worse. I believe I was 24 at the time. I’m 26 now and have never felt better than I do under Doctor Jamis care. From the amazingly kind ladies behind the desk, to the progressive yet cozy setting of his office there’s not one thing I would change.  As long as he is there, and I’m in Minnesota I will continue to see him. Time and money WELL spent in every fashion.

Jordan B.

Fin had many recurring episodes of Croup and Asthma causing him to be on many medications (including antibiotics and high-dose steroids). “We spent several nights away from our other children while in the hospital with Fin…We used more than our yearly allotted sick days, resulting in loss of pay and were extremely stressed out as parents not knowing when the next ‘episode’ would occur.”
Fin was not sleeping through the night and always exhausted, he had regular check-ups with a pulmonologist, multiple swallow studies and a bronchoscopy. Nothing seemed to be working, until he met Dr. Jami.

Now after just one month of care with Dr. Jami, Fin is completely off all medications and has not had an ‘episode’ since. He is sleeping through the night, there have been no more trips to the ER or pulmonologist; and just recently Fin experienced his first fever without any respiratory issues. Fin is now a happy, energetic 3-year-old and looks forward to his “tire-tractor” visits with Dr. Jami.

Beth P.

Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Jami has changed my life. I had some debilitating health issues and I feel like a new person. Prior to Health Path I was spending my weekends laying on a heating pad and watching my family from a distance. Now I have an active role in all aspects of my life. I went from barely functional to active. I have so much more energy and have even started a business since being treated by Dr. Jami. I know I still have a long road ahead but I’m confident that my progress will continue to improve.

I’ve tried a lot of other chiropractors, medicines, physical therapy, treatments and nothing has come anywhere near the relief and overall wellness I’ve experienced so far. I literally wouldn’t believe how incredible I feel if I didn’t feel it for myself.

The staff is excellent; friendly, personable, helpful and extremely responsive text, phone, email and Facebook. The office is easily accessible and in an excellent location.
Plus, the treatments are quick; easily in and out in 10-15 minutes!

I can’t rave enough about Dr. Jami; He’s doing incredible work and I’m forever grateful!
If you’re tired of living life as a bystander and ready to get back in the driver’s seat, don’t waste another second, get in to see Dr. Jami!

Esther K .

I have been impressed with this office from day one. But now that I have experienced HUGE changes in my life I wanted to write a review. I suffered from daily headaches for YEARS! Severe lack of energy, migraines,and lower back pain. Every day was a struggle to get out of bed and be productive. I am in my early 30’s but felt like I was 80. It was a struggle to run around or play on the floor with my child. Today I have more energy than I can ever remember having. I can sit and play on the floor without lower back pain. And my headaches have gone down by 95%!!! Dr. Jami is amazing. He is worth it! Your health is everything

Jennifer L.

Digestive Issues/Reflux/Colic

Dr. Jami is amazing!  My 6 year old son had a very long history of reflux and issues associated with reflux including poor sleep habits and vomiting.  After seeing Dr. Jami for a few months his issues were resolved, he is a new kid!

Amanda L.

I have struggled with stomach pain and back pain my entire life. After only 2 months at Health Path Chiropractic both my stomach and back pain have improved amazingly.

Abby S.

We brought our daughter Palmer to see Dr. Jami because she was having a lot of reflux problems and was not able to have a bowel movement more than once every few weeks.  She would eat a lot to try and soothe herself, but because she could not poop, she would just throw up constantly.   My son started to get jealous because I always needed to be with the baby.

We went to our pediatrician and they put her on some medication that ended up hurting her stomach even more. They also recommended that I cut certain foods from my diet since I was breastfeeding her and to try and feed her upright. Nothing was helping.

After coming to Health Path for a few weeks, Palmer is now a happy and smiley little girl!  Grandma mentioned that she is a completely different kid already. She now sleeps 13 hours a night.  She has regular bowel movements.  She can eat and keep food down and is finally gaining some good weight. We are all very happy!


We were willing to try just about anything to help our son by the time we scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jami. Our son Silas had acid reflux and lots of tummy troubles overall. He was always uncomfortable, gassy, fussy, etc. His tummy always seemed to hurt him and he kept projectile vomiting. I couldn’t leave the house because I could comfort silas better than anyone else. I was always tense and stressed out. We were both exhausted.

Before going to Health Path Chiropractic we saw two pediatricians, a pediatric Nurse Practitioner, he had two ultrasounds, tried prescriptions as well as all the other recommendations for reflux babies.

After following Dr. Jami’s recommendations, Silas is a happy baby! He’s clearly much more comfortable. He actually takes naps during the day, he never could before, aside from in my arms for short periods of time because of his discomfort. He is much more calm and easier to settle down when he does get fussy. He sleeps for 6-7 hours consecutively at night, followed by another 3-4 hours after a diaper change and feeding. Our whole family is no longer on edge.

Jennifer P.

Dominic started spitting up around 3 months old. It would sometimes be up to 40 TIMES A DAY. He was also constipated, pooping every 4-5 days. It was hard to take him places because of the spit ups, we were going through close to 10 outfits and 20 bibs a day. We went to his MD who couldn’t help and tried prune juice which didn’t help. Since seeing Dr. Jami he is spitting up maybe 3 times a day. He has more regular bowel movements. And It’s much easier to bring him places and people aren’t afraid to hold him because of his spit ups.


Jake had severe reflux-always spitting up on himself or on us! At around 4 months he became restless. Always fighting sleep and never looking or feeling comfortable. We never laid Jake on the floor because he would scream. Developmentally we felt he was behind – never rolling over, didn’t enjoy tummy time. We would carry Jake around while chasing our 2 year old & didn’t do much else besides bounce a baby.

We talked with our MD about meds, elevated Jakes crib, put him tummy down to sleep or held him through the night, tried essential oils with no success. I would say as his mom after his 2nd adjustment, I put him in his carseat & he didn’t scream in pain. During the ride home he fell asleep and took a 2 hour nap and woke up happy!

After just a month of adjustments he rarely spits up, sleeps 8-1 0 hours a night, takes 3 hour naps & can sit up and really play like a 6 month old should!

Heather W.


I can now dare to say, “I’ve struck it rich!” For the last 2-3 years, I’ve noticed my health was declining.  I’ve had numbness and tingling in all my limbs during my sleep.  I’ve had lower back pain, neck pain and more recently, shoulder pain.  The pain would wake me up in the middle of the night multiple times. The intensity of pain have prevented me from doing many everyday tasks such as parallel parking! Then through a friend, who is also a current patient, referred me to Dr. Jami at Health Path Chiropractic. Having never had any experiences with a chiropractor, I didn’t know what to expect.  Thankfully, Dr. Jami and his staff took their time to explain all my questions. Even after the first adjustment, I felt something was changing. Today, a short month later, I can say that the quality of my life is richer because my health has improved tremendously.  I now sleep better and can do many things with ease.  I look forward to being active in sports again!

Dr. Jami and staff- Thank you for your calmness, positive attitude, warm welcome and above all, thank you for caring about my well-being!

Bobbi N.

After several years of pain, herniated disk, and constant headaches and at least 6 trips to the hospital ever year, a friend referred me to Dr. Jamie. I have not needed to go to the hospital, or pain meds in 3 months. I have also not needed a cortisone shot in almost 6 months!

Megan C.

I sought out care with Dr. Jami because I was experiencing 2-3 migraines per week, numbness in my hands and arms, and throbbing pain in my hip that has been an issue for the last 10 years. My hip would limit my desire to sit at a dinner table or sit in a car to the point that I would avoid restaurants and trips that would require sitting for longer than 30 minutes. The hip and numbness in my hands were so bad it would wake me up in the middle of the night and make it difficult to sleep.

Prior to coming to HPC, I tried physical therapists, neurologists, family physicians, an orthopedist, and several Pain relievers and medications, and supplements.

I was very skeptical of chiropractic care when I set the appointment but now, I am a huge advocate. My pain and numbness no longer wake me up at night. I no longer turn down dinner invitations or avoid long car rides and I have not had a migraine in over three months. I am so thankful I do not have to limit my activities due to my pain anymore.

Marissa C.

Beginning when I was 12 years old, I started experiencing daily migraines. When I was 29, I found out that I had a degenerative disc between L5 and S1. And just over the last few years at the age of 42 I have had countless biopsies, 5 surgeries to include a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Needless to say, pain has been a constant in my life, until Dr. Jami entered into it.

I wasn’t sure that I would ever know what it was like to live without pain and all I asked for was relief. But he did it! I went from taking 20-­‐24 Advil a day to maybe 4 a month if I have a headache bad enough to take one.

My life has always been hectic and stressful and my friends would schedule events far enough apart to give me “recovery time” between things we would do. Now I am excited to do what I want, when I want. I have started exercising and do at least 5 miles a day, 5 days or more a week and there is no reason to schedule “recovery time.” For the first time in my life I can say I am pain free.

Thank you Dr. Jami for giving me my life back. There are no words to describe what it has meant to me.

Tina K.


“I had headaches/migraines at least once a day. They were HORRIBLE! It disrupted cheerleading and other sports events. I had to suffer through school, which I love, with a headache or miss school.  My parents have had to pick me up early from sleep-overs due to my constant headaches. I tried Tylenol, some other medicines, and went to a neurologist before coming to see Dr. Jami.

Since I have started care at Health Path I HAVE NO HEAD ACHES!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 It makes life so much easier for me (and my parents!) I have less anxiety, not having to plan for my next head ache. I have joined several after school programs, the tennis team and plan to play volleyball this year. I am so much happier!”


“She is back to the happy and healthy girl we love so much. I can’t thank you enough for bringing Emmalee back to us. We are so blessed to have found Health Path. Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts.”

Kerri .

I had headaches EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR YEARS. After years of waking up and going to bed with a headache it started to take the joy out of basically everything. It added a lot of unwanted frustration to every situation and interaction. Before coming to see Dr. Jami-you name it, I tried it. I tried headache medicine, Advil, Tylenol, migraine medi-cine. I had MRIs, CT scans, plenty of neurology visits, eye tests, I tried dark rooms and ice packs. Nothing worked. Since coming to see Dr. Jami I have improved immensely. OVER 100% IMPROVEMENT. Life almost got easier. It allowed my family and I to stop focusing on something bad and focus on good things. I found myself a lot more willing to do a variety of things. Not having headaches allows me to enjoy things just as much as everybody else.

Payton P.

Before coming to Dr. Jami I had DAILY MI-GRAINES that made it hard to concentrate on homework & lesson planning for my kids. I always wanted to nap & lay down and was constantly crabby and not able to go out. I took a SO MUCH ibuprofen and it didn’t work. Since starting care 3 weeks ago I have had ONLY 2 MIGRAINES, that only lasted 30 minutes. Now I am able to concentrate 100% on school work and my classroom.


I was suffering from constant headaches for quite a few years before I came to see Dr. Jami. Then a few months ago I got a concussion which made my headaches much worse including severe neck pain.

I had to go home early from school, stop sports, and couldn’t work. I was taking ibuprofen daily; saw a physical therapist and a neurologist and nothing helped. One of my friends comes to Health Path Chiropractic and they recommended I go see Dr. Jami.

After just two months of care I am headache and neck pain free. I have been able to go back to work and for the first Fme in a long Fme I feel like I can live my life without constantly being in pain.

Mandy G.


I started seeing Dr. Jami after years of suffering from neck pain and numbness in my extremities. I have always been leary about chiropractic care due to a bad past experience that made my situation worse. Since seeing Dr. Jami my quality of life has drastically improved. My arms and legs no longer tingle; I am sleeping better which is giving me more energy to make it through the day. I have always been one to suffer from spring time allergies and I am happy to say that I have not had to take medications once this year. I would recommend Health Path Chiropractic to anyone who is dealing with the constant feeling of being “run down” or is in chronic pain. In fact, my family sees Dr. Jami on a regular basis and my son has been getting adjusted since he was two weeks old.

Robert H.

Since starting at HPC we have felt like part of their family. I used to have terrible allergies before getting care, which meant I was constantly miserable despite taking all kinds of allergy medications everyday. Now I don’t take anything and rarely even notice the pollen count or mold levels rising.

Beyond just allergies, my body feels way better, and I don’t get sick as often and if I do start to feel something coming on, I run in for a quick adjustment and can kick it super fast. I’ve never been a big believer in this kind of thing, but Dr. Jami’s methods make a big difference in my body, which is great because I travel a lot for work and that takes a toll on my body.

He also adjusts my pregnant wife and toddler son. The results have been phenomenal! We are very grateful for his knowledge and care and we will continue to go to HPC because they are amazing!

Andy S.


Danny was having trouble staying in the classroom. He would get upset or frustrated and when the teacher/assistant/counselor would try to help, he would leave the classroom or lash out at them physically.

The school was pressuring me to get an ADHD or Autism diagnosis.

Since coming to HPC he is becoming the amazing boy I knew has always been in there. Daniel is now able to control his anger, frustration, and fear in much better ways than he has ever been able to. He can focus much better and easier, he is a major bookworm, and a great student!

Nichol O.

Ear Infections

I started bringing our 4 month old baby to Dr. Jami because he was having trouble with ear infections. We would treat with antibiotics, but by the fourth round of medicine, we were looking for an alternative. With chiropractic, all of the fluid that was backed up had a chance to drain and we have said goodbye to antibiotics! Dr. Jami is FANTASTIC with my now 7 month old son. The office is friendly and I really feel like the staff cares for the well being of my little boy.

Megan D.

Nathan was almost 2 years old when we started coming to see Dr. Jami. He was having constant ear infections, was not reaching his developmental milestones in regards to talking, and was always cranky because he couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up every hour.

Before coming to Health Path, Nathan was put on 3 different rounds of antibiotics which caused Clostridium difficile, better known as C. Diff, which is a bacterial infection of the colon and can cause diarrhea to more serious and potentially fatal symptoms.

After starting care with Dr. Jami, Nathan is sleeping 12-13 hours through the night; he has started to talk and hasn’t had an ear infection or even a cold since starting care! I could not be happier!

Krissy B.

Ben had experienced CHRONIC EAR INFECTIONS since the age of 3 months. After ENDLESS DOCTOR VISITS, COUNTLESS ROUNDS OF ANTIBIOTICS and 2 SETS OF EAR TUBES we were searching for ANOTHER SOLUTION. Under Dr. Jami’s care Ben has had NO FURTHER EAR INFECTIONS! More importantly, he has a PROPER IMMUNE RESPONSE when he does catch a bug. We are so happy to have found a natural solution for our child!

Sara C.

When we sought care with Dr. Jami our biggest concern was sleep. Our whole family was :red.  Marley was fighting recurring ear infections and hadn’t gone more than a week without a cold since having tubes put in her ears. She has been on countless rounds of an:bio:cs, and would have to sleep upright in the recliner with us. I felt like I was working on no sleep and was easily irritable.

AEer coming to Health Path our en:re family is sleeping beHer. Marley sleeps through the night most nights and on the rare occasion she gets sick, it only lasts a day or two.



“Before coming in to see Dr. Jami, Kaiden was struggling with anxiety, nervousness, lashing out, and having meltdowns. He was unable to calm down. This was very stressful on everyone in the family.

We would try and be calm, talk with him, or hold him to calm him down and it just made it worse. Other parents and our speech therapist recommended we go to Health Path Chiropractic.

We knew we were on the right path early on in care. When he would get angry we could talk him down and it wouldn’t turn into a full meltdown. He started walking and running flat footed.

Overall, he has way less anxiety and is way calmer. Now he is more enjoyable to be around, sleeps better and has more confidence.

We would recommend Health Path Chiropractic to any parent.”

Steve P.


Health Path Chiropractic is amazing! Dr. Jami is an expert – talented, inspiring, compassionate and will change your life. Beyond the top tier care you receive, there is also the boost of happiness, calm and overall improved mental health which you will most certainly experience via the friendly, caring vibe he and his staff provide every time you walk through the doors. Highly, highly recommended.

Sarah K.

Back Pain

Health Path Chiropractic has given me amazing care over the past two years.  On my first visit I was at a point where I could not function without pain, could not bend over to tie my shoes, needed assistance to get off the table.  I am now leading an active lifestyle with only occasional adjustments.  The staff has been wonderfully supportive and strategies for maintaining my health have proven very beneficial.

Duane C.

I came to Health Path because of recurring back issues that just wouldn’t go away. The discomfort affected all aspects of my life, from sleeping to my hobbies and just daily activities.  I don’t know where I’d be without the help of Dr. Rassmussen!  Not only am I walking around pain free, but my sports performance has increased tremendously.  Thank you so much!!  You haven’t experienced true chiropractic care if you haven’t visited Health Path!

Brandon P.

Immune Challenges

Since starting at Health Path Chiropractic our daughter has hardly gotten sick when she used to quite often. She loves going and lays perfectly still for them, she’s 4! I’ve also started being seen and instantly felt the benefits. I highly recommend Health Path Chiropractic.

Kelly H.

Reese was constantly sick with an upper respiratory infection/cough. She would cough to the point where she would vomit. She did not sleep well and neither did we. Our whole family became run down and sick.

When we visited our daughter’s pediatrician several times we were prescribed prednisone and an albuterol inhaler with only temporary improvements. When she was off the meds her symptoms would return.

Right away after starting care, we knew we were in the right place when our daughter started sleeping through the night. Since being under care (2 months) she has yet to cough even once. She has not been sick, her overall health has improved, and she is a very happy toddler now.

Our quality of life has much improved as we are not up all night with a sick child. We are no longer missing or having to leave work due to a sick child. We are better rested and healthier!

Other parents of kids struggling with these issues PLEASE SEE DR. JAMI! He is truly compassionate and cares for each of his patients. He has motivated us to change things in our life for a happier, healthier, life!”


Pregnancy Care

This place is amazing. After being manually adjusted for over 15 years I was skeptical. But the tonal adjustments, although very mild,  have provided the best results ever. I could not have made it through my pregnancy without Dr. Jami. My whole family, including my kids ages 3 years and 2 months, all go once a week. Thank you for what you do Dr. Jami.

Angie D.