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Our onboarding process is designed to clearly identify your health goals and discover the underlying cause of your health challenge. 

In order to better serve you, we have created an application process to be accepted as a new patient. 

We have done this to make sure we’re not wasting your time.  If we accept you as a new patient it’s because we expect you to get great results in our office.  If we don’t it’s because we’re not your best option for healing. 

After you fill out the schedule now form (link to schedule form) you can get a head start on the application process and click here.

Day 1

Your first visit in our office will take a little under an hour.  During this visit you will sit down with one of our doctors and discuss your health history and your goals for care.  Then you will receive a comprehensive neurological, spinal, and orthopedic evaluation. 

We utilize non invasive neurological testing to measure your nervous systems healing capacity.  We offer in-office digital x rays if necessary and will perform several other neurological and spinal evaluations to discover the underlying CAUSE of your health challenge(s).

Based on what the doctor is seeing as they evaluate you, they will determine if an adjustment at that time is appropriate.  Most new patients are adjusted on this visit.  If not, they will be adjusted on their follow up visit. 


Day 2

During this visit, you will sit down with the doctor and go over the findings from all of your testing. Then the doctor will give you their best recommendations to healing. There are no surprises in our office. We will go over your financials at this point and then schedule out your care.

Ongoing Care

Appointments in our office are set up for your busy life.  Visits to Health Path Chiropractic are both relaxing and efficient.  We offer convenient appointment times and flexible scheduling.  You’ll be blown away with the ease of your healing journey. 

When you tell us your body feels perfect head to toe we will schedule your re-evaluation.  Once we’ve confirmed your body is functioning perfect, you’re healed. 

A lot of patients choose to continue with us to be proactive with their health.  They want to stay ahead of future health challenges and feel great and function great all of the time.   

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