About Us

Visit Health Path Chiropractic just one time and you’ll realize how passionate Dr. Jami is about helping people, especially families, and kids. Opening up his clinic in 2011, Dr. Jami felt called into this profession due to a personal illness with his father. The reactive healthcare system that the U.S. has today ruined his father’s life sending him down a path filled with unnecessary and addictive pills. This life-changing event impacted Dr. Jami so much that he set out to help as many people through chiropractic as he possibly could.

Health Path Chiropractic creates an atmosphere of support for families to come where they can find help in building a healthier future. Our clinic also offers pain relief for those with specific conditions and symptoms, with each person being helped as a unique individual. We’re not a one-size-fits-all clinic, and we look at a person’s whole history so we can gain a better understanding of their health and provide care for them based on their exact needs.

Meet Dr. Jami Rassmussen

Originally setting out to become a medical doctor, Dr. Jami began his journey at the University of Minnesota. After becoming burnt out and second-guessing his choice, he had an epiphany—chiropractic! Dr. Jami attended Northwestern Chiropractic College where he obtained his DC, and the more and more he learned about the career and history of this natural healthcare modality, he was hooked.

When he isn’t changing lives at Health Path Chiropractic, Dr. Jami loves spending time with his wife and three young sons—who are always on the move! The family enjoys being outside and is a model for healthy living. Outside of his family and chiropractic, Dr. Jami has a passion for Olympic Weightlifting, and he can be found working out just about every day.

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